‘Terminating Vistas : The Sequence Series’

Click here for Public Work Samples. 

‘Terminating Vistas’ is a culmination of gathering visual information from a variety of cities. The works are montages of images taken at different locations to summarize and emphasize a unique feel for each aspect of a city location, environment or specific event. My intention is to stir a consciousness about our built environment and question our urban design practices and the effect they have on our lives within cities.

“My interest in cities, urban design and theory, and specifically Louisville began to find a way into my work in 2010. I then began work on a series stemming from the curiosity of gathering information about the changing aspects of Louisville’s built environment and culture. This series quickly grew into my current and on going project entitled, ’The Sequence Series,’ which is a process of sifting through ideas about environment and inhabitants with the focus being the urban core of a place. Through the process of constant collecting of images from my city environment I can choose key areas of visual importance to recreate environments, communicate movement, and capture what I find most significant within a location. The large sized works I create connect a series of smaller images in effort to come together to form a storyline about environment leaving the story mostly up to the viewer to interpret based on their unique intrinsic experience with similar architecture and daily functions.”



IG & Twitter : Orange_Peeled

Commission and large scale work available upon request. 

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